The successful IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2012 in Helsinki, Finland, in August, hosted the celebratory event where IFLA President Ingrid Parent presented IFLA’s honours and premier awards, recognizing excellence in international librarianship. In introducing the awards President Parent commented that “so much is achieved in international librarianship for the profession through the dedication and commitment of many colleagues, on the international stage and behind the scenes. Today IFLA is recognizing some of those held in high esteem by colleagues. It is so important that as a profession we take the time to do this, and to celebrate what a remarkable profession we share.”

IFLA Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellow is IFLA's highest award and may be conferred on a person who has delivered long and distinguished service to IFLA, with outstanding achievements and that has brought distinction to IFLA in the international arena.

Two Honorary Fellowships were conferred – to Ellen Tise, and Winston Tabb.


Citation – Ellen Tise                                         Citation – Winston Tabb

IFLA Medal

The IFLA Medal is awarded to a person or organisation that has made a distinguished contribution either to IFLA or to international librarianship. The IFLA Medal was presented to three distinguished recipients:

Helena Asamoah-Hassan
Helena Asamoah-Hassan was awarded the IFLA Medal for her significant contribution to IFLA in many capacities and leadership roles and to international librarianship. From the outset of her professional career Helena has worked to build bridges across Africa and between African countries and the rest of the world. She is recognized as a leader across Africa and is actively involved in many initiatives. Helena also works assiduously to position the world of libraries within world programmes such as the UNESCO World Summit on Information Society (WSIS) and Memory of the World, and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

Jay Jordan
Jay Jordan was awarded the IFLA Medal for his significant contribution to IFLA and international librarianship through his leadership in the globalisation of library services and his dedicated support for the Jay Jordan IFLA/OCLC Early Career Fellowship Program. Jay’s tenure at OCLC has changed the face of librarianship within the international context of library service. Libraries worldwide can gain access to WorldCat records in many languages and scripts and to resource sharing initiatives, the OCLC Governance structure has changed to reflect the global nature of the OCLC Cooperative, and such initiatives have especially benefited library services in developing countries. By 2012 the Fellows Program had welcomed 60 library professionals from 33 developing economies and the benefits can be seen in the transition of many Fellows to positions of library leadership in their respective countries.

Eeva Kristiina Murtomaa
Eeva Kristiina Murtomaa was awarded the IFLA Medal for her significant contribution to IFLA and international librarianship through her work in improving bibliographic standards and the development of new cataloguing and authority models. Eeva Murtomaa has worked as a cataloguing specialist for nearly 40 years during which time she extended her expertise of national bibliographic work onto the international level. In addition to her committee work within IFLA Eeva Murtomaa has been an active and valued contributor in the development of the new cataloging and authority models (FRBR, FRAD and FRASAR) and has published internationally and nationally on these new views of cataloguing.


Finnish National Committee for the IFLA World Library and Information Congress 2012
President Parent presented the IFLA Scroll of Appreciation to Maija Berndtson, Chair of the National Committee, in recognition of the outstanding contribution the National Committee made in hosting the highly successful Helsinki World Library and Information Congress.
The IFLA Scroll of Appreciation was also awarded to members and others who have given distinguished service to IFLA.

President Parent awarded the IFLA Scroll of Appreciation to:
Michael Heaney for his leadership and advocacy in placing library statistics onto the international agenda through IFLA and UNESCO activities; and to Magda Bouwens for her achievements in administering IFLA’s governance activities and her loyal support for Presidents, Governing Boards and officers.