On 4-5 June, IFLA participated in EuroDIG 2015: Shaping the Internet Together through three panels that discussed equal access to the Internet, the role of libraries in facilitating access, and the opportunities of the EU copyright reform process. The European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) brings together stakeholders from civil society, the business sector, technical and academic communities, and European government for informal and inclusive discussion on public policy issues related to Internet governance.

IFLA at EuroDIG workshops

IFLA was represented in three workshops by Christina de Castell, Manager, Policy and Advocacy:

  • EU Copyright Reform discussed how lawmakers can help to attune copyright to modern society and discussed the consultation solicited for the current EU copyright reform. IFLA provided libraries’ priorities for the copyright reform process and discussed how the public can make their voices heard through libraries. A lively discussion among participants explored the limitations that licenses place on user rights, the priorities of rights holders, and the challenges of the current copyright regime for working in a digital environment. This session is available via video stream.
  • How to Facilitate Equal Access for All? focused on the challenges of ensuring internet access in rural and remote areas, the lack of basic digital skills and motivation to learn, and assistive technologies for the disabled. IFLA addressed the role of libraries in providing access that crosses the digital divide and that enables basic technology skills development for new computer users, as well as how libraries build skills for media and information literacy. Panelists from W3C, GSMA, ISOC, and Robobraille/Biblus Digital Library discussed accessibility standards, infrastructure, and new technology tools to support access. Libraries delivering services to people with visual impairments may wish to explore further, as it offers a free tool to convert documents into accessible formats.
  • Steps to Realizing Equal Access for All continued the above session with discussions of the implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty through libraries, WIPO, and other organizations; the impact of EPUB3 on accessibility; the priority areas and perspective of the Bulgarian government on improving access; and several French projects related to Internet Governance Forum outcomes for building technology skills and improve access.

More details about the above sessions and the lists of panelists can be found via the programme overview. Participants at EuroDIG also worked collaboratively on a draft statement on net neutrality and discussion of the draft continues online.

Tweets and more from EuroDIG 2015 can be explored using #euroDIG.

Upcoming engagements

Regional Internet governance meetings will continue in the coming months, with IFLA participation through a workshop at the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum (APrIGF) in Macao from 1-3 July. IFLA encourages library representation in regional internet governance forums, including the upcoming Latin America and the Caribbean forum in Mexico City in August and the African Internet Governance Forum in Addis Ababa in September, leading to the Global Internet Governance Forum in João Pessoa, Brazil from 10-15 November 2015.

Want to know more about past IFLA's participation at the previous EuroDIG 2014 and other engagements, visit our webpages IFLA and the Information society and Copyright Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries and Archives.