Mozfest is the annual gathering of supporters of a healthy Internet: accessible to all, decentralized, creative and safe. This year there were many interesting talks and events for IFLA to be part of such as those on privacy, digital rights, privacy in oppressive regimes and inclusion and literacy.

IFLA participated in the events and engaged in panel discussions about privacy and ethics, digital inclusion exercises where we imagined a world without access to the Internet, and web literacy meetings to harness the power of the web. IFLA also met with Tactical Tech and discuss a possible collaboration for a data detox tool kit for librarians.

Every year Mozfest gathers a community of Internet enthusiasts. With a packed week of activities and a weekend of interesting and engaging discussions, Mozfest reminds us that the Internet is a community open to all where respect and cooperation are essential elements of a healthy online experience.

MozFest brings together people who are open, friendly and eager to help. Mozfest 2018 was held in London and gathered a large group of participants of all ages and skill levels. The premise of any Mozfest is that everyone has something to contribute. Youth especially are encouraged to come and lead sessions and their contribution this year was truly incredible.

For a summary of all that happened and the panel discussions, you can watch videos from the event