Happy Birthday IFLA!

It was a weekend of celebrations here at IFLA as we reached our 90th birthday!

From our beginnings in Edinburgh back in 1927 to where we find ourselves today, it has been an incredible journey –  which continues to go full steam ahead.

We are the global voice and the biggest brain trust of the library and information services profession, supporting the library field through our 60 Professional Units and six Strategic Programmes as well as through our extensive policy work. More recent projects to unite the library field in our Global Vision, our expanding International Advocacy Programme (IAP), and the Library Map of the World—which is collecting crucial data and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) stories—demonstrate that IFLA is strong and has an exciting future.

Above all, however, we are a member organisation and we would like to thank our members and Professional Units for their support and activity.

Here’s to the next 90 years!