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IFLA and EIFL have addressed a letter of congratulation to the Prime Minister of Thailand, following the passage of legislation that will bring the country into line with the Marrakesh Treaty.

After the entry into force of the Marrakesh Treaty in 2016, 2018 has been a further breakthrough year.

A number of major countries with significant stocks of books in accessible formats have ratified, or moved towards ratifying the Treaty. This has moved the world much closer to realising the objective of the Treaty.

Thailand has now joined the club of countries with legislation allowing for the making and sharing of accessible format books.

In a law signed by the king on 11 November, the country has introduced rules that give people with print disabilities, and the libraries that serve them, clear and strong new rights.

The IFLA Secretary General Gerald Leitner and EIFL Director Rima Kupryte have written to congratulate the Prime Minister on this legislation. The Thai government had faced noisy opposition, including demands that ran entirely contrary to both the letter and spirit of the Treaty.

The letter underlines the importance of implementing legislation that respects the goals of the Treaty. This is vital not only for potential beneficiaries within Thailand, but also those in countries which have yet to pass the necessary reforms.

IFLA and EIFL have offered to work with the Thai government to produce an adapted version of the Getting Started with Marrakesh Guide. This will help libraries across Thailand understand the new possibilities, and rapidly make use of regulations once these are in place.

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