Today, the nominations process for IFLA’s elections and appointments 2021 opens. There are six weeks for candidates to come forward, and for Members and Affiliates to submit nominations for the over 800 positions available.

When you – IFLA’s Members – offered your overwhelming support for IFLA’s new governance last month, you opened the door to a more inclusive, effective and transparent Federation.

Our new Statutes and Rules, which will enter into effect following our August General Assembly, give us the structures necessary to deliver on the ambition of our Strategy.

Now, it is time to elect and appoint the volunteers who, through their energy and expertise, will bring life to our new Governing Board, councils, committees, groups and other bodies.

With new and more varied ways to engage, there are so many possibilities to help advance the library field. There are over 800 positions available, including President-elect 2021-23. IFLA needs you!

Crucially, we are committed to giving everyone the opportunity to participate, and hope to see the most diverse range of candidates ever for IFLA roles at all levels, from all parts of the world, all career stages, all backgrounds, and all types of expertise and experience.

If you are interested in standing, take a look at what is involved with all the different roles, as set out on our elections and appointments webpage. If you think you can meet most or all of the requirements, you will also find instructions on next steps, including how you can find nominators.

For IFLA’s Members and Affiliates, you will receive information on your important role in nominating candidates. We need your help to identify and support individuals committed to making change in our profession and in our societies.

Join us. We are IFLA!

Kind regards,

Gerald Leitner
Secretary General
The Hague, Netherlands
1 March 2021