On 24 February, the period for nominations for IFLA’s elections and appointments process 2023 came to an end. 

Around the world, IFLA Members and Affiliates have worked to identify great candidates, and volunteers have come forward, for the over 800 positions available.

In doing so, our nominators have demonstrated their commitment to a positive future for the global library field. They have given their nominees the opportunity to contribute to, and benefit from, the most international library network in the world.

In turn, nominees, in setting out their readiness to serve, have shown the wealth of experience and energy on which IFLA can draw in advancing its work.

I want to say thank you to all those who have given their time and effort so far in this process – you are making IFLA stronger!

On 13 March, voting will open. All those eligible to vote will receive instructions on how to make their choices, with wider information available through IFLA’s website and social media.

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Kind regards,

Helen Mandl
IFLA Acting Secretary General