In response to the article which appeared in the Swedish library journal Biblioteksbladet on 11 April 2022 and internal mails from a GB member shared on digital platforms, IFLA’s Governing Board releases the following statement:

The allegations address certain topics to which the Governing Board is not able and not willing to respond, because it concerns individual matters. The Governing Board wishes to express that it does not share the sentiment and allegations reflected in the aforementioned publications. We regret that discussions from the board meeting last week have been publicly shared at such a critical moment for IFLA. It violates confidentiality, collegiality, and the personal rights by name Barbara Lison, IFLA President, Renu Sardjoe Mishre, Finance Director of IFLA, and other involved persons. The Governing Board and its individual members have the best interest of IFLA at heart and will continue to provide their best efforts to ensure that the interests of IFLA, its Members and the other stakeholders are dealt with in the best possible way.

IFLA Governing Board