IFLA held its General Assembly on 25 August 2022, with members for the first time able to vote remotely in real time, giving new possibilities to engage in key decision-making to members. Read on for more about the decisions taken.

IFLA’s General Assembly is the highest body in IFLA’s governance structures, bringing together our Members to take key decisions about our Federation.

For the first time, and as a result of IFLA’s new governance rules, approved last year, it was possible for the Assembly to take place in hybrid form, with Members voting both from the meeting room in The Hague, and online.

Members from all world regions were therefore able to watch and engage live, hearing both about the work IFLA has done over 2021, ask questions, and make their voices heard on crucial issues.

Amongst the items on the agenda, Members;

  • Heard reports from IFLA’s President and Deputy Secretary General about IFLA’s activities, and in particular the work of the IFLA President in supporting Members’ work and representing libraries internationally.
  • Discussed IFLA’s financial report for 2021. Members subsequently voted to approve the report with 94% in favour to 6% against.
  • Said farewells to friends and colleagues who have left us in the past year, including IFLA’s President 2015-17 Donna Scheeder.
  • Discussed a motion proposed by a number of Members calling for a roadmap for making IFLA a more communicative and transparent organisation by the end of the year. This was approved with 95% in favour to 5% against.
  • Debated a motion concerning giving the Governing Board the authority to set membership fees in future years in line with inflation. The Governing Board will discuss actual increases subsequently, bearing in mind Members’ inputs during the Assembly.
  • Agreed to hold next year’s General Assembly at the time of our 2023 World Library and Information Congress.
  • Heard for the first time about the plan established by the Governing Board to act on priorities identified by Board members themselves and Members, continuing IFLA’s efforts to further enhance the way we work.

Throughout the meeting, Members in the room and online took an active role in commenting and asking questions, providing valuable input for the Governing Board in its own future discussions.

As President Barbara Lison underlined in her address at the end, she and the rest of the Governing Board welcome opportunities to continue the discussion with Members and volunteers alike, throughout the year.