The IFLA Global Vision Asia Oceania regional workshop just took place on 28-29 June 2017 in Singapore. As part of a series of workshops held by IFLA around the world since April, 32 participants from 27 countries in the Asia Oceania region were convened to discuss together how a united and connected library field would look like in the future.

One more stop in the Global Vision regional discussions: Madrid, Spain here we come!

After two days of motivating and though-provoking discussions, our colleagues from the Asia Oceania region asked IFLA Secretary General Gerald Leitner to convey the following messages to our colleagues in Europe, thus passing the IFLA Global Vision discussion torch from Singapore to Madrid, Spain:

IFLA Global Vision regional workshop participants in Singapore

Connect with Asia Oceania! It is an opportunity for you to work with us and an opportunity for us to work with Europe.

Lose your inhibitions. It is going to be an extremely participatory and energizing experience!

Dream big!

It was an eye-opening experience. Madrid, be open, be engaged, and be brave!

Get involved with workshop organisers and see the positive results!

The next and final workshop in this round of IFLA Global Vision Regional Discussions will take place in Madrid, Spain from 5 to 6 July. We look forward to continuing this Global Vision journey in Europe!

Stay tuned for more:

About the IFLA Global Vision

IFLA is facilitating a Global Vision discussion through a series of high-level meetings and workshops in different parts of the world following our kick-off event in Athens, Greece on 4 April 2017.  Face-to-face and online, future-oriented conversations will be taking place throughout the year. See the Global Vision discussion website: for more details, and join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using #iflaGlobalVision

Together we create the future: Join us!