IFLA’s survey of its Members and volunteers, seeking views on the first draft proposals for our new governance structure has closed. We received over 700 responses, as well as suggestions via e-mail. Your contributions will help the Governing Board improve the plans further, before a series of open virtual round tables in August.

Over the past month, we have been welcoming feedback from Members and volunteers through a survey on the first draft of our proposals for IFLA’s new governance structures.

This closed yesterday, at 12pm The Hague time, and so we can now share the very positive news that we received 716 responses as well as further suggestions by e-mail.

As highlighted in previous news stories, the goal of the Governance review is to give IFLA the structures it needs to deliver on the 2019-24 Strategy. In doing so, we are working to become a more inclusive, effective and transparent organisation.

The number of responses is welcome as an indication of the level of commitment of our Members and volunteers to IFLA’s future. Furthermore, we know that these include a wealth of information and insights to help us with the next stage of developing the new IFLA governance proposal.

Here’s what will happen next:

  • We are analysing the results and preparing a report, summarizing the inputs received.
  • The Governing Board will meet on 23 July (via video conference) to review the results, discuss new ideas and issues, and further develop the proposals accordingly. We will publish a report on the meeting afterwards.
  • Soon after, we will share details about upcoming open virtual round tables throughout August, where the global library field will have further opportunities to share ideas and feedback on the proposals.
  • In September, the Governing Board will meet again to review and finalise the Governance proposal, which will then be presented at the General Assembly (in person, and live-streamed).
  • Following this, provided that there is agreement at the General Assembly to allow electronic voting on changes to our statutes, we will then ask our Members to vote on the final proposals.

We remain grateful for the continued interest and contribution of all those who have shared their views and suggestions for the future of IFLA.

With the support of the global library field, we are confident that together we can give IFLA the best possible structures to fulfil its mission to inspire, engage, enable and connect the field.

Gerald Leitner
IFLA Secretary General