IFLA Members and volunteers around the world are invited to share their views on the first draft of our governance review proposals through our survey by 14 July. Your input will shape the future of IFLA.

On Friday 19 June, IFLA launched the first draft of our Governance Review proposals. Centred on the priorities identified by the field, and built on your suggestions and ideas, this sets out initial plans for giving IFLA the structures we need to deliver our ambition.

The Review is the latest stage in IFLA’s development roadmap, following the successful development of a shared Vision and Strategy. It is essential to our transformation into the inclusive and effective organisation we want and need to be.

Throughout the process, IFLA has made an exceptional effort to ensure that the voices of its members and volunteers are heard. The survey launched today – seeking views and feedback on the first draft of our proposals – is only the latest example of this.

It is also a vital one – your opportunity to share your views on the major steps that, we hope, will help us deliver more transparency, efficiency and collaboration, stronger regional representation, greater financial and organisational sustainability, more varied opportunities for participation, and better support for volunteers.

Watch IFLA Secretary General Gerald Leitner introduce the governance survey: https://bit.ly/2B1l9Gu

Through the survey, respondents will have the opportunity to share views on proposals in each of the priority areas identified by members and volunteers our survey in October, to answer questions about key outstanding issues, and to offer overall comments.

We are sending the survey to IFLA’s Members, as well as members of IFLA’s Professional Units and other structures. You will have until 14 July to offer feedback.

Following this, IFLA will hold a series of online forums in August, open to all, in order to offer further opportunities to share ideas and views. On this basis, the Governing Board will revise and improve the proposal, in order to present this to you at our 2020 General Assembly in late October or November.

Our Members will then be called up on to vote on the necessary changes to the Statutes to make the changes a reality, and allow us to start the process for nominating and electing a new Governing Board and committees from August 2021. 

IFLA’s transformation has depended on your engagement. In order to complete the job, we once again relying on you to share your views and ideas. We hope that as many of you as possible will do so.

Gerald Leitner
IFLA Secretary General