IFLA’s Governing Board met online on 9 November 2023. A key item on the agenda was planning for events in 2024 in the absence of a WLIC (World Library and Information Congress). Wider plans for 2024 were also high on the agenda.

In detail, the Governing Board:

  • Agreed we should aim to reinstate the President’s Meeting in 2024. It will take place in Brisbane, Australia, across three days, and is provisionally scheduled for 29 September to 2 October 2024. Further details will be shared over the coming weeks. Given the urgency of offering more information about plans for potential high-profile meetings in 2024 and to help IFLA members and volunteers plan ahead, the Governing Board discussed other priorities including when to schedule key announcements, such as the Public Library of the Year and Green Library Awards, as well as mid-term meetings. IFLA staff will liaise with professional units on these announcements.
  • Discussed the goals and content of the President’s meeting, including opportunities for training and consultation, as well as launching initiatives such as the IFLA Strategy and Trend Report.
  • Agreed updated selection criteria for WLIC 2025, including affirmation of IFLA’s authority over programming and welcoming opportunities to underline how bids will support IFLA’s values. A new global call for 2025 hosts will be issued.
  • Welcomed progress on terms of reference for a review of the WLIC model from 2026 onwards, and looked forward to sharing more information, including full opportunities for member and volunteer engagement. The Governing Board will approve the Terms of Reference for the review at its December 2023 meeting and the review process will start at the beginning of 2024.
  • Noted that the date of IFLA’s General Assembly 2024 would depend on how soon it is possible to finalise the annual audit. The date will be set at the December 2023 Governing Board meeting, but it is hoped we can schedule it in late June 2024.
  • Reviewed initial ideas for projects that could be enabled by support from Stichting IFLA Global Libraries in 2024 onwards, and looked forward to consolidating progress in cooperation with a protocol in December 2023.
  • Noted ongoing work to understand the reasons why volunteers stop working with IFLA, in order to help ensure everyone has a strong sense of belonging.
  • Appointed the chair and initial nine members of our new Open Science and Scholarship Advisory Committee, and looked forward to further appointments by each of our Professional and Regional Committees. The committee membership will be announced once the individuals have been informed.
  • Received updates on IFLA’s finances, including a look ahead to the end of the year.
  • Looked forward to discussing and approving the Terms of Reference for the Code of Conduct for Volunteers at its December 2023 meeting.