Tietse Pieter Sevensma, IFLA Secretary General 1929-1958

IFLA Headquarters has taken initiative in establishing a ‘history corner’ within our website where we hope to draw your attention to IFLA’s rich history. We have now made available a number of documents that offer glimpses back to the very beginnings of the Federation, as well as several historiographies about specific periods in IFLA’s history. Included is the complete, full-text version of IFLA’s First Fifty Years—initially published in 1974—as well as several theses, articles and encyclopedia-contributions.

1929 IFLA Congress logo

A comprehensive listing of all IFLA Presidents and Secretaries-Generals is also available, along with a new and very thorough overview by Jeffrey Wilhite of all IFLA conferences, congresses and related meetings since the Federation’s inception in 1927.

This is a beginning and we are interested in receiving further contributions in the form of historical documents and pictures.