The World Summit on IFLA COntribution to 2019 WSIS Report - first pagethe Information Society (WSIS) is a UN-based initiative to bridge the digital divide, foster an inclusive information society and promote the use of ICT for development. Libraries have an important role to play in achieving these goals, and IFLA has been actively involved with the WSIS process since its first phase in Geneva in 2003. This includes contributing to annual reports to take stock of the progress made towards the WSIS Action Lines and Targets – and the 2019 IFLA submission is now available!

The annual contribution is an opportunity to assess the progress made in connecting libraries, ensuring access to information, and promoting cultural and linguistic diversity online.

The 2019 IFLA contribution highlights some of the key trends which affect libraries’ role in the Information Society, from the slowing growth rate of internet connectivity to changes in library sector’s understanding of what digital and information literacy efforts they need to extend to their users. It also summarizes key IFLA activities to promote public internet access, digital skills and access to culture.

Read the full text of IFLA’s submission below:

[PDF – English]

You can also download the IFLA submission from 2018, and read more about IFLA’s work on libraries and the information society.