Postpone by Marco Verch under Creative Commons 2.0


Because of COVID-19 pandemy and resulting health and economic situation, IFLA and Irish organization committee had to postpone WLIC 2020. Dublin Conference will happen in 2022.

Information Technology organized sessions, meetings, or participated to the organization of several events. Here is what impact this change had.

  • WLIC2020 Open Session “Better Together: Collaborative Solutions to the Challenges of Data and Libraries” by Big Data SIG is postponed

  • WLIC2020 Joint Open Session with Knowledge Management Section “The future of the library and library systems: outsourcing, cloud, and new tech impact of user communities” is moved to 2021

  • WLIC2020 Joint Satellite with Reference & Information Services Section “Artificial Intelligence in Discovery and User Experience” is cancelled

  • WLIC2020 Joint Open Session with Health and Biosciences Libraries Section “Enabling open science, open access, and artificial intelligence to advance and support healthcare practice and scientific discovery” is cancelled

  • WLIC2020 Joint Open Session with Preservation and Conservation Section “Preserving complex digital objects in libraries” will be organized online in November

Stay tuned for next news about IT section events !