IFLA was proud to join colleagues in the Culture2030Goal campaign in submitting proposals for improving the zero draft for the Pact for the Future, with a view to ensuring that it seizes the opportunity to mobilise culture to deliver on the United Nations’ goals.

The Pact for the Future is the key output document from the Summit for the Future, planned for September of this year. This is the culmination of a process aimed to ensure that the United Nations system – made up of its headquarters and all of its different agencies, are better able to deliver on the goals of security, sustainable development, and human rights.

The Culture2030Goal campaign has long argued that culture has a key enabling and driving role , not just as a sector with the power to make change happen, but also as a whole dimension of sustainable development which has a major effect on behaviours and so policy effectiveness.

The campaign therefore believes that culture has a key place in the Pact for the Future, given that which is clearly focused on the ‘how’ of the UN’s work, rather than the what.

Our comments look to ensure that culture is underlined as an enabler of development across the board, and in particular the the role of culture in building peace, supporting creativity and innovation, and enabling new thinking about the future is recognised.

Our comments are available on our repository.