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Inspired by the IFLA Strategy, the IFLA Latin America and the Caribbean Section (IFLA LAC Section) has taken the lead in connecting library associations in the region. Having already started to focus their networking efforts in December 2019, this work has intensified since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Closely aligned to IFLA Key Initiative 4.1 Foster the long-term financial continuity and stability of the organisation, IFLA LAC saw an opportunity to plan for the future, developing strategies and options for long-term financial sustainability, based on an understanding of their regional partners and their capacity to seize new opportunities.

Key Initiative 4.1

To unite IFLA members in the LAC region, and those in other world regions which are part of IFLA’s Division V, IFLA LAC has engaged members through frequent communication and Zoom calls since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Members of IFLA LAC have also been actively working and proactively connecting with the national library associations in the regions, to disseminate engagement opportunities to the worldwide library field, through events first in September 2019 and then in July 2020.

IFLA LAC Section + IFLA Strategy

These meetings not only enhanced communication among LAC regional associations, but also allowed IFLA LAC to gather insights into specific needs and ideas from organisations in each country throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, helping other IFLA Sections to identify and understand the characteristics of each association.

The Chair of the IFLA LAC Standing Committee, Maria Angélica Fuentes Martínez highlighted the importance of aligning national strategic actions from each country’s library associations to the IFLA Strategy:

The IFLA LAC Section in its strengthening of regional processes will continue to convene the presidents of the national associations of the region to raise their awareness of the IFLA Strategy and make the actions driven by the IFLA Strategy more efficient. IFLA LAC aims for this process to generate an essential alliance so that the region is more visible and has a greater voice at the international level. The particularities of the region are a strength and an opportunity to improve the communications and the alignment of strategies and efforts worldwide.”

Opening a virtual meeting space with associations has made it possible for the IFLA LAC Section join forces with regional associations so that the IFLA Strategy can reach even more professionals across the region’s countries.IFLA LAC Section - IFLA Strategy

These efforts unite the Latin America and Caribbean region and illustrate the importance of teamwork in the promotion of the library profession, raising the visibility of actions taken in each country, and the value of the LAC region’s commitment to IFLA.

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IFLA Strategy 2019-2024

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