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IFLA is delighted to launch a multilingual version of its website from February 25 2013. Many of IFLA’s policies, guidelines, and other documents have been available in IFLA’s seven official languages, and other languages, for some time. The launch of the multilingual website provides improved access to existing and newly translated content in languages other than English.

Multilingual access and content will begin with the Spanish language, and will be followed by French. A selection of key documents, policies and guidelines has been translated. More content and translations into other IFLA languages will follow.

As a worldwide organisation IFLA deals with many and large cultural differences, most prominently languages. As one of IFLA’s Key Initiatives, having the content of IFLA’s website in as many languages as possible helps to reduce the language barriers and gaps in relation to IFLA’s work. IFLA collaborates with a network of Language Centres and volunteers around the world to translate content, and promote content to their language communities.

This is an excellent outcome and on behalf of the Governing Board I thank the working group members and IFLA HQ staff for bringing this to such a positive conclusion. I look forward to announcing the availability of the multilingual website during the opening of my Presidential Meeting in Mexico City, on March 6.

Ingrid Parent
IFLA President 2011-2013