The eLending environment for libraries around the world continues to change at a rapid pace. In 2012, IFLA released its Background Paper on eLending, which formed the basis for the production of the IFLA Principles for Library eLending, the third revision of which was issued at the World Library & Information Congress (WLIC) in Singapore in August 2013.

Cognisant of the great changes taking place in ePublishing, and the varied eLending challenges and opportunities facing libraries in different geographical regions, the IFLA Governing Board commissioned a supplement to the eLending Background Paper in 2013 reflecting recent developments.

Chair of the eLending Group Paul Whitney coordinated the updating of the IFLA eLending Background Paper, together with Working Group members comprising Margaret Allen, Vincent Bonnet, Christina de Castell, Harald von Hielmcrone, Sarah Kaddu, Gerald Leitner, Ngian Lek Choh, Barbara Lison, Mary Minow, Harald Mueller, Denise Nicholson, Carrie Russell,  Amelie Vallotton, Chloe Vicente and Qiang Zhu.

 Issues addressed in the updated eLending paper include:

  • In acknowledgement of the differing interpretations of what is an eBook, reflected in the vastly differing holdings and use statistics reported by libraries, definitions of “eBook” and “eLending” are proposed.
  • Recent trends in the publishing and distribution of ebooks are reviewed
  • Library advocacy efforts with publishers and governments are described
  • Relevant court rulings on digital exhaustion governing how libraries can acquire and deploy eBooks are analysed.

eLending Working Group Chair Paul Whitney will present the 2014 eLending Background Paper at the EBLIDA/CLM Satellite Meeting, Copyright and beyond: Libraries in the public sphere in Strasbourg, France from 13-14 August. 

Read the full eLending background paper.