Library Map of the World

IFLA is happy to share a quick update from the Library Map of the World. We have an incredible result from the first phase of data collection which ended on 31 October 2017. 

Thanks to data contributors from around the world, IFLA was able to count more than 2 million libraries in 99 countries. During this initial phase of the Library Map of the World project, we have learned about the state of libraries in these countries and moved closer to our shared goal of having reliable global library statistics.

We would like to thank our data partners – those who submitted their data and those still in process – for this fantastic response! 

The Library Map of the World is an ongoing activity, managed and maintained by IFLA, and this is just the beginning. We are now analysing the results of the first phase and we will provide an annual summary report very soon. 

Library Map of the World - Update

Library Map of the World – visualising the power of the united library field

Visit the Library Map of the World at The data visualisation platform will provide you with country-level data and library performance metrics per region, in addition to the SDG stories.