15 August 2013, Paris

ThemeLibraries as media

Deadline for Proposals: 28 February 2014

How libraries can contribute to explain the world by producing information and organize themselves as medias?

Academic and Public Libraries

Libraries are producing content such as text, video, and digitized. In the process arguably becoming “media.”  This conference will explore this provocative and rapid transition libraries are within and directing, as they go from purveyors of media to producers. Illustrative examples of content are desired for furthering the topics below.

Topics of Interest

  • Human Resources: who is participating on the staff and how are assignments blended in with other duties?

  • Skills Needed:  designated and driven by content or outcome?

  • Editorial decisions:  who makes these and what are the challenges?

  • Social media:  which online presence is related to content?

  • Evaluation:  how is the library adjudged for the content it produces?

  • Copyright:  can content be “re-used” inside the library for differing purposes?

  • Collaboration:  what are optimal ways to connect Internet users and local communities (via content production)

  • Libraries as media:  how are we different than the media of television, radio, social or print?

The full call for papers is available on the IFLA WLIC 2014 website.