IFLA Newsletter: March 2023

The message below accompanies the March 2023 edition of the IFLA Newsletter.

IFLA Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 3

Welcome to the March IFLA Newsletter, focused on regional issues.

When IFLA’s members agreed on our new governance structures just over two years ago, perhaps the biggest innovation was a much stronger focus on adapting our work to the needs of regions, and making regional voices heard.

As the first ever Chair of IFLA’s Regional Council, I have the privilege to see how our six new Regional Division Committees are taking up the challenge of putting flesh on the bones of this mission.

And I am so impressed at what they are achieving!

They are leading the way in advocating for libraries with regional intergovernmental organisations, running training and other capacity-building activities, and more broadly bringing IFLA closer to its members.

I’m therefore happy that this newsletter highlights just a few examples of this, including in particular the great examples of cooperation between our regional and professional units.

In addition to this, don’t forget to read on to get the latest about the activities, both within our professional community, and in engaging with key external partners and stakeholders.

There are also further updates about our World Library and Information Congress, which promises to include exciting new opportunities for colleagues globally to join. Check out, also, the open calls we have, as well as welcoming new members.

And crucially, don’t forget that IFLA Members and Affiliates have until 12 April to cast their votes in our elections! I hope that we will see committees, from the Governing Board down, that mirror fully the energy, expertise and diversity of our field.

Happy reading!

Nthabiseng Kotsokoane
Nthabiseng Kotsokoane
IFLA Regional Council Chair 2021-2023