promo pressreaderIFLA’s Management and Marketing Section has partnered with PressReader to present the IFLA International Library Marketing Award for 2019.

The IFLA PressReader International Library Marketing Award recognises organizations that have implemented creative, results-oriented marketing projects or campaigns. Three winners are selected on their innovative contribution to marketing in the library field.

The first, second and third place winners receive funds towards airfare, accommodation and registration for the World Library and Information Congress in Athens, Greece, 24–30 August 2019. The Award also recognises marketing efforts by developing countries with fewer resources with a special commendation.

The Award open on 26 November 2018. The winners will be announced in March 2019 and officially awarded during the IFLA WLIC 2019 Awards Ceremony in Athens.

Nancy Gwinn, Chair of the Management and Marketing Committee, said: “We are thrilled to partner with PressReader on the Marketing Award. This is a flagship award of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. Collaborating with a big picture organisation will take the Awards to the next level. We look forward to working with PressReader in raising awareness of marketing in libraries.”

As the leading digital and print-on-demand newspaper and magazine platform, PressReader will help IFLA continue to recognize and support creative, inspired, results-oriented marketing campaigns – with special commendation to teams in developing countries.

“We’re committed to helping librarians and libraries find more ways to be innovative and to think creatively – in everything they do. This is a great way for us to support that kind of thinking and solidify our position as a champion for libraries of the future.” said Mark Ritchie, Libraries Director at PressReader.

The winners will be announced in March 2019 and officially awarded during the IFLA WLIC 2019 Awards Ceremony in Athens, Greece.

Learn more about IFLA’s International Library Marketing Award.  Questions? Ð¡ontact: [email protected].

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