IFLA Publications. Volume 181: Navigating Copyright for Libraries - Purpose and Scope.

The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) is proud to announce the open access publication of Navigating Copyright for Libraries – Purpose and Scope, edited by Jessica Coates, National Library Australia; Victoria Owen, University of Toronto, Canada; and Susan Reilly, Irish Research Electronic Library, Ireland.

Navigating Copyright for Libraries is available for free, open access download from the IFLA Repository and the de Gruyter website thanks to support from IFLA’s Professional Council (previously the Professional Committee), and is also available from the de Gruyter website to order in print.

The 20-chapter volume is intended as a resource for library professionals around the world as a reference, a tool for learning, and as a way of catching up on key processes and developments.

Information is a critical resource for personal, economic and social development. Libraries and archives are the primary equitable access point to information for individuals and communities with much of the information protected by copyright or licence terms.

In this complex legal environment, librarians and information professionals operate at the fulcrum of copyright, balancing ensuring understanding of and compliance with copyright legislation and with enabling access to knowledge in the pursuit of research, education and innovation.

This book, produced on behalf of the IFLA Advisory Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters (CLM), provides basic and advanced information about copyright, outlines limitations and exceptions, discusses communicating with users and highlights emerging copyright issues. The chapters note the significance of the topic; describe salient points of the law and legal concepts; present selected comparisons of approaches around the world; highlight opportunities for reform and advocacy; and help libraries and librarians find their way through the copyright maze.

The book’s contents are divided into four parts covering copyright basics; user rights and the public interest; international developments: the case for library engagement; and emerging issues in copyright.

In addition to the download and order pages, more information is available in this promotional flyer.