An exciting innovation in IFLA’s new governance structures will be our new Regional Division Committees for Asia-Oceania, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, North America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

These will bring together representatives in each of these six world regions in order to support the development and delivery of action plans that respond to the needs of their library fields, in particular around strengthening advocacy for libraries.

Taking up their roles after our General Assembly in August, they will play a key role in delivering on the IFLA Strategy 2019-2024, in particular by strengthening the library field – and IFLA’s work – at the regional level.

Find out more about the role of IFLA’s Regional Division Committees.

I am happy to announce that the below candidates (in alphabetical order) have duly been elected, in accordance with IFLA’s rules, and reflecting the caps on numbers of representatives per country. Those regions with fewer than 15 candidates will subsequently be able to co-opt additional members.

Each Committee will subsequently be asked to elect a Chair, who will also represent them on IFLA’s new Regional Council, which will be chaired itself by Nthabiseng Kotoskoane (South Africa).

Asia-Oceania Regional Division Committee

  • Al Mamun, M. (Bangladesh)
  • Augias, Christophe (New Caledonia)
  • Begum, Dilara (Bangladesh)
  • Che Nasir, Nor Edzan (Malaysia)
  • Chen, Ying (China)
  • Cokanawai, Tulia (Fiji)
  • Gamage, Premila (Sri Lanka)
  • Helieisar, Atarino (Micronesia (Federated States of))
  • Iwasaki, Rei (Japan)
  • Kar, Debal Chandra (India)
  • Lapuz, Elvira (Philippines)
  • Mamtora, Jayshree (Australia)
  • Nakaora, Nina (Fiji)
  • Nomura, Misako (Japan)
  • Roberts, Winston (New Zealand)
  • Tan, Gene, Hwee Yong (Singapore)
  • Tunupopo, Avalogo Togi (Samoa)
  • Weber-Beard,Sabine (New Zealand)
  • Yang, Tao (China)
  • Zain, Labibah (Indonesia)

Europe Regional Division Committee

  • Alvandian, Laurie (Armenia)
  • Blin, Frédéric (France)
  • Bording Andersen, Steen (Denmark)
  • Çimen, Ertugrul (Turkey)
  • Duda, Vadim (Russian Federation)
  • Frey, Jeannette (Switzerland)
  • Glossiotis, Georgios (Greece)
  • Gruszkowski, Tomasz (Poland)
  • Hajdu Barát, Ágnes (Hungary)
  • Hamilton, Stuart (Ireland)
  • Holcer, Dunja Croatia)
  • Hopkins, Marcie (United Kingdom)
  • Klauser, Hella (Germany)
  • Lammens, Sara (Belgium)
  • Linder, Karin (Sweden)
  • Ninkov, Jasmina (Serbia)
  • Parise, Stefano (Italy)
  • Sellés Carot, Alicia (Spain)
  • Simonishvili, Maia (Georgia)
  • Stasselová, Silvia (Slovakia)

Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Division Committee

  • Cabrera Portillo, Evangelina (Paraguay)
  • Castro Moreno, Marisela (Mexico)
  • Ferrari, Adriana Cybele (Brazil)
  • Fuentes Martinez, Maria Angelica (Chile)
  • Guzmán Muñoz, Ruth J. (Costa Rica)
  • Lacorazza, María Silvia (Argentina)
  • Lebrón Ramos, Jeannette (Puerto Rico)
  • Maigua, Verónica (Ecuador)
  • Menjivar Pleitez, Jonathan Ernesto (El Salvador)
  • Moisés Kroll do Prado, Jorge (Brazil)
  • Morales Bellido, Hugo (Bolivia (Plurinational State of))
  • Quirós, Micdonia (Panama)
  • Rodríguez, Karla (Costa Rica)
  • Santa, Alejandro Lorenzo César (Argentina)
  • Seroubian, Mabel (Uruguay)
  • Torres Vargas, Georgina Araceli (Mexico)
  • Vélez, Alejandra (Colombia)
  • Vergara, Carmen Elena (Colombia)
  • Viciedo Valdes, Miguel (Cuba)
  • Zucchini Almorón, Fabrizzio Javier (Paraguay)

Middle-East and North Africa Regional Division Committee

  • Al Shawabkeh, Younis (Jordan)
  • Abushulaibi, Eman (United Arab Emirates)
  • Albayati, Faiza, (Iraq)
  • Aljabri, Saif (Oman)
  • Bachir, Imad (Lebanon)
  • Ismail, Heba (Egypt)
  • Kuwari, Abeer (Qatar)

North America Regional Division Committee

  • De Castell, Christina (Canada)
  • Ghafouti, Loubna (Canada)
  • Hervieux, Sandy (Canada)
  • Huang, Michael (United States of America)
  • Jefferson Jr, Julius C. (United States of America)
  • Kear, Robin (United States of America)
  • Koen, Diane (Canada)
  • Lannon, Amber (Canada)
  • Lasda, Elaine (United States of America)
  • Lewis, Vivian (Canada)
  • Manganiello, Francesco (Canada)
  • Mering, Margaret (United States of America)
  • Mitchell, Shawn (Canada)
  • Paiva, Marie (United States of America)
  • Sapon-White, Richard (United States of America)
  • Scheeder, Donna (United States of America)
  • Shuva, Nafiz (Canada)
  • Tabb, Winston (United States of America)
  • Thibault, Nathalie (Canada)
  • Zhang, Ying (United States of America)

Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Division Committee

  • Chibanda, Nyarai (Zimbabwe)
  • Hagwelele, Allen (Zambia)
  • Kaddu, Sarah (Uganda)
  • Kavuri, Purity (Kenya)
  • Kinyanjui, Mary (Kenya)
  • Lebele, Ayanda (Botswana)
  • Magocha, Bongiwe (Botswana)
  • Nalumaga, Ruth (Uganda)
  • Ndiaye, Mandiaye (Senegal)
  • Norbert, Tangmo (Cameroon)
  • Osuchukwu, Ngozi (Nigeria)
  • Oyedele, Damilare (Nigeria)

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My congratulations to those elected, and to all candidates for their strong commitment to IFLA and willingness to participate in building the future of our field.

Gerald Leitner
Secretary General
The Hague, The Netherlands
1 June 2021