The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions has three Regional Offices to assist it in carrying out its regional activities. These are the Asia and Oceania office located in the National Library Board of Singapore, the Africa office located in the University of South Africa, Pretoria, and the Latin America and the Caribbean office which has been located in Mexico City, Mexico.

The Regional Office plays a leadership role in the region as IFLA’s representative body. Each office is managed by a Regional Manager and is affiliated with IFLA Headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands.

Following staff and governance changes for the IFLA Latin America and the Caribbean office, IFLA is now seeking applications from organisations in the region interested in establishing and staffing a new Regional Office.

The successful applicant host organisation will enter into an agreement with IFLA for a term of two years until the end of 2018.

Selection process

Applications should be received by IFLA Headquarters by 18 November 2016. All valid applications will be reviewed by the selection committee against the criteria set out below, together with the information required in the questionnaire (see link below) provided by the applicant. The committee may, if necessary, seek clarification on a matter included in the application but will not accept additional or new information after the submission date.

The selection committee comprises: the Chair of Division 5, the Chair or a representative of the Standing Committee for the Latin America and the Caribbean Section, a representative of Governing Board, and the Secretary General. In finalising the committee the Governing Board will ensure that there is no conflict of interest between representatives on the committee, and applicant representatives.


18 November 2016 applications to be received at IFLA Headquarters;
30 November 2016 recommendation of the Selection Committee to Secretary General for decision;
7 December 2016 IFLA Governing Board informed of decision;
12 December 2016 applicants advised on the successful host organisation.

The Secretary General will then commence discussions with the host organisation on the preparation and signing of the agreement.

Hosting the IFLA Office for the Latin America and the Caribbean Region

Role of IFLA's Regional Office and staff

Following is a summary of the activities of the Regional Office and staff:

  1. Promotes IFLA in the region.
  2. Assists IFLA and its Governing Board with the implementation of its Strategic Plan initiatives in the region. The Regional Office and its staff will at all times uphold and be guided by IFLA’s values, policies and procedures.
  3. Liaison with IFLA ALP, other Core Activities and IFLA professional units in the organisation or co-ordination of activities or projects in the region.
  4. Provides logistical support to the Standing Committee of the Latin America and the Caribbean Section and to the Regional Division (5) officers to assist them in carrying out IFLA activities in the region, including assistance with organising Standing Committee meetings.
  5. Organises communication, both with IFLA Headquarters and within the region (newsletter, website, listservs), including liaison with translation groups as required.
  6. Collaborates with IFLA Headquarters and IFLA units to identify sources for funding for IFLA Latin America and the Caribbean projects or activities.
  7. Manages Regional Office budgets and assists with managing IFLA regional project budgets.
  8. Undertakes activities to build and strengthen IFLA membership within the region, including retaining and recruiting members.
  9. Other activities that may be agreed in writing from time to time during the term of the Regional Office Agreement.

The Regional Manager and any support staff are employees of the host organisation, fulfilling the role as the representative of IFLA Headquarters in the region. The Manager is responsible for managing the Regional Office and its activities. The Regional Manager’s role will be covered by the agreement between IFLA and the host organisation.

The Regional Manager maintains regular contact with IFLA Headquarters on all matters of concern to the IFLA Latin America and the Caribbean region. IFLA Headquarters supports the Regional Manager through open communications on IFLA operations and by making information, including promotional material, leaflets etc. available. It is expected that the Regional Manager would attend the annual IFLA World Library and Information Congress.

Selection criteria for the Regional Office host

In the selection of the best location for the Regional Office the following criteria are important:

  1. The location should have good and easy travel connections and ideally is situated within easy access to a major international airport.
  2. The location must be connected to good and reliable telecommunications services.
  3. The location must be situated within a politically stable country, which has a high level of freedom of access to information and freedom of expression.
  4. The host organisation must be a Member in good standing of IFLA, with a history of participation in IFLA activities.
  5. The host organisation must provide the Regional Office with serviced accommodation, including good telecommunication facilities, a staff position or allocation for the position of Regional Manager, and access to support staff services by the Regional Manager where necessary.
  6. The senior management of the host organisation must support the hosting of the Regional Office.


The host organisation will cover the salary, overheads and operational costs of the Regional Office. Some budget funds for specific items may be requested from IFLA. Funds provided by IFLA include a grant of around €5,000 to assist with meeting and travel costs for Standing Committee members to the midterm meeting. Further funds may be provided by IFLA for promotional materials or newsletters, however the total amount of funding would not be higher than €15,000.

Project funding is separate from these costs.

Contract details

Sample contract for IFLA Regional Office [PDF – English]

Submission of applications

Please prepare your submission by responding to the questionnaire.

Questionnaire [PDF – English]

Please also ensure that you have responded to all the criteria.

Submissions must be in English.

Submissions should be submitted electronically and received at IFLA Headquarters by 18 November 2016, to with ‘LAC Regional Office Submission’ in the subject field. The successful receipt of your submission will be acknowledged.

Please contact Secretary General Gerald Leitner at IFLA Headquarters if you have any questions about the role of the Regional Office, the selection process or the terms of the agreement.

P.O. Box 95312
2509 CH The Hague
Tel +31 70 31 40 884
Fax +31 70 38 34 827