(1) “The Top Books” LIS Professionals Recommend for LIS Students. In this project LIS leaders – IFLA Professional Units members share their top book choices with LIS Students. LIS students can make their must-read checklist that will help them to immerse themselves in new ways in the profession.

(2) “Professional Advice – LIS Professionals give to LIS Students” – LIS Professionals give their inspiring advice on how to grow in the profession.

See their contributions here:

Christine MackenzieBook recommendationsProfessional Advice

Barbara LisonBook recommendationsProfessional Advice

Antonia ArahovaBook recommendationsProfessional Advice

It is an honor for SET that IFLA President Christine Mackenzie, IFLA President-Elect Barbara Lison, and IFLA Treasurer Antonia Arahova participated in these two projects.

We invite you to join these two projects. You can write to SET Secretary Albina Krymskaya  [email protected]. Let’s collect books’ titles recommended by LIS professionals to learn about books that build our profession and a list of motivating statements of IFLA professionals.