With proposals on European Union copyright reform imminent, IFLA continues to push for ambitious reforms that boost learning, innovation and creativity. Not only will positive change in the EU help our European members, but it will also provide an example internationally, and could reinforce the drive for global reform at WIPO.

Alongside twenty four other organisations representing libraries and cultural heritage institutions, consumer groups, think-tanks, access to information advocates and technology companies big and small, IFLA has therefore signed a joint letter to seven EU Commissioners.

The letter underlines the broad base of support for change. It highlights in particular the risks posed by awarding additional rights to news publishers (see the response by partner organisation EBLIDA to the Commission press release on the subject), compromising on the principle of limiting intermediary liability (as set out in the Manilla Principles), and placing restrictions on text and data mining.

IFLA will continue to follow the EU reform process, working in partnership with others who share its objectives.

For more information, see the letter and IFLA's position on EU copyright reform.