Read the latest issue of the IFLA Standards Newsletter (volume 1, issue 2, December 2023) for all the latest on standards developments within IFLA.

You will find:

  • a feature interview with Athena Salaba, professor, School of Information, Kent State University, and chair of Division H
  • a report on the new Accessibility Metadata Network Initiative by Chris Oliver
  • the process for the review of ISBDM, the ISBD aligned with the Manifestation entity, by Renate Behrens
  • and an article on the development of ISBDM, by Rehab Ouf
  • summaries from the Committee on Standards open session at WLIC 2023 in Rotterdam, including
    • Revisions to the IFLA Standards Procedures Manual, Vincent Boulet
    • Expectations of Committee on Standards Members when conducting reviews, Chris Oliver
    • IFLA Namespaces, Joseph Hafner
    • LRMoo, navigating standards development processes in two communities, Pat Riva, Maja ┼Żumer, and Trond Aalberg
  • a spotlight on the recently approved IFLA Guidelines for Library Services to Prisoners
  • as well as a letter from Victoria Owen, the chair of the Advisory Committee on Standards

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