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IFLA’s five-year Strategy 2019-2024 was built on the Global Vision discussion – the largest and most inclusive conversation ever in the history of our field. With implementation underway, how are IFLA’s over sixty Professional Units contributing to delivering on the IFLA Strategy?

Discover IFLA’s behind-the-scenes innovators

What do the IFLA Professional Units do?

IFLA’s Professional Units are at the heart of our work. These expert groups work to identify the needs of their community and plan their areas of focus. They produce annual plans, outlining the detail of their work, with a mission to complete and offer products to the global library community that will move the profession forward throughout the year.

How does this relate to the IFLA Strategy?

The 2019-2024 IFLA Strategy is the roadmap for IFLA’s future, and provides the framework for the action of IFLA’s Professional Units. To highlight how each expert group plays a role in building the future of the global library field, we are launching an initiative to celebrate the work of the Units.

Here we will feature a selection of completed or ongoing projects from the Professional Units, aligned to the IFLA Strategy, which make a contribution to the advancement of our profession.

How it Works

The first round of IFLA Professional Unit projects to be celebrated come from across a range of areas of expertise and types of product, and cover all four 2019-2024 IFLA Strategic Directions. We will showcase these activities through news pieces on IFLA’s website, social networks, mailing lists and the #IFLAfromHome initiative.

Stay tuned to discover the innovative work of the IFLA Professional Units. Which IFLA Strategic Direction are you interested in?

IFLA Strategy 2019-2024

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