Chair IFLA SSA RDC: Ayanda Lebele

I welcome you ALL to this first newsletter. This newsletter is an initiative of the IFLA – Sub Saharan Regional Division Committee. The stories are shared by passionate librarians, who volunteer their time and professional expertise to showcase what libraries in the region are doing.

IFLA stands out to demonstrate the value and importance of high-quality library and information services through all types of libraries. The dynamic education and information landscape inevitably alter the entire outlook of library service provision. The tools used by the librarians and those used by the different user communities continue to evolve and to revolve in content and with context. The stories captured in this newsletter are just a tiny bit of some of the changes that have been noted by different librarians within the sub-Saharan regional division. They most importantly demonstrate the principle of information sharing for development and accentuating the role of libraries as a community space for collaboration and cooperation by different entities in socio-economic development.

The beautiful projects referred to in this newsletter demonstrate the diversity in the committee and in the region. There are multiple reasons for sharing such stories……to motivate those with similar experiences to join hands for the formation of communities of practice; to demonstrate that role of libraries in development; to promote professional voluntarisms; for leisure reading etc. as indicates, the stories are shared by librarians…. What a way to sharpen the author’s writing skills. as you enjoy the stories, please continue sharing your thoughts and ideas for the continued growth and development of the professionals and the communities that they serve.

Join me in congratulating the authors and the entire production team for a job well done. This is a very special edition because it is the first after a very long dearth.  As the Chair Person of the SSA-RD Committee, I confidently guarantee you the next edition.

Stay Tuned!

Greetings from the Information Coordinator, Sarah Kaddu


I welcome you all to our 1st newsletter and I hope you find it very informative and engaging.   We look forward to receiving many more articles to share with the region and beyond.

Wishing you the very best of 2024!


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