IFLA, alongside other civil society organisations from across the libraries, archives, and museums sector and beyond, engages closely in discussions at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Our goal is to promote a culture- and creativity-friendly copyright system worldwide. We congratulate Sylvie Forbin on her nomination as Deputy Director General of the Copyright and Creative Industries Sector, and look forward to working with her towards this goal.

Libraries, archives and museums have a central role in the creative and discovery process that lies behind culture, science and research, today and tomorrow. They can only work thanks to exceptions and limitations that realise synergies between the interests of those who create and those who enjoy and draw on their work. We trust that Ms Forbin will play a leading role in promoting a system that reflects the balance that lies at the heart of copyright.

While the Copyright and Creative Industries Sector has dropped culture in its name in favour of copyright, IFLA and our co-signatories are certain WIPO will not lose focus on the promotion of and support for the needs of the cultural heritage sector in relation to copyright.

IFLA has been attending WIPO SCCR (Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights) meetings regularly since 2008.  There we advocate an equitable copyright framework, with a particular focus on limitations and exceptions regarding education, libraries, and disabled persons, in particular the visually-impaired. We look forward to the next SCCR meeting in November.

Read the full joint statement on Ms Sylvie Forbin’s nomination as Deputy Director General for Copyright and Creative Industries Sector at WIPO.


Français: Déclaration commune sur la nomination de madame Sylvie Forbin en tant que Vice-Directrice générale pour le secteur du Droit d'auteur et des Industries de la création à l'OMPI