IFLA approved its fist Internet Manifesto in 2002, providing early recognition of the vital role that the Internet plays in the library and information services field. In 2014, a second version of the manifesto was published, not only to reflect on the changes that the Internet had gone through those years, but also to reaffirm the crucial role of libraries in ensuring equitable access to the Internet and supporting freedom of access to information.

Today, almost a decade later, the world and therefore the Internet Governance landscape have changed drastically, but despite these changes, libraries remain as key allies in Internet Governance conversations as they enable Internet and information access throughout the world and allow whole communities and individuals to make better use of their right of access to information for the development of more participative and democratic societies.

In July 2023, an expert group was set up to steer the manifesto’s update and review process and to facilitate engagement from the wider library field. An informative session and open consultation process were held during WLIC 2023 where one of the biggest concerns that were raised was to ensure the purpose and utility of the manifesto before its publication and to make sure that external contributors are able to provide their input before it is finished.

The Internet Manifesto principles paper was born from this desire to clarify the utility of the final document that will be published in 2024 and, to give it visibility and to mobilise as many relevant people as possible in our field.

If you are curious about its purpose and possible ways for engagement, we invite you to take a look at it below.

The main manifesto is set out to be published in the first quarter of 2024, which will be followed by thematic months, online sessions and open exchange between library and non-library stakeholders throughout the course of the year.

Internet Manifesto Revision Principles Paper

In 2023 IFLA is preparing a revised Internet Manifesto. This manifesto will be the fourth statement from IFLA in the area of Internet Governance, as libraries pivot to adapt to the changing nature of information delivery over the Internet.