Over the coming weeks, IFLA will be asking its members and volunteers about your experiences of engaging with the current strategy, and ideas for the future. This will allow the Governing Board formally to launch the process of developing a Strategy for 2024-2029 at its December meeting.

Highlighted by IFLA President Vicki McDonald as a priority of her term, the coming months will be an opportunity to work together to build an IFLA Strategy for 2024-2029 that provides the best possible support to everyone engaged in our work.

When they work well, strategies can be a great way of building a sense of community and shared purpose, and explaining what we do to others.

A great strategy will also give our volunteer groups and staff the knowledge they need to know in which direction to go, led by our vision, but leaves plenty of space for imagination, innovation, and adaptation to circumstances and needs.

In an organisation as diverse and complex as IFLA, this is a major task. However, we are fortunate that the Global Vision process in 2017-2019 already gave us a framework from which to develop our Strategy, building on the great work already taking place today.

As we look to the next Strategy, it will be important both to look at how well the 2019-2024 Strategy has worked for our members and volunteers, as well as gathering ideas about what we should aim for in future.

We’re therefore happy to announce today a series of short ‘pulse’ surveys of our members and volunteers, in order to build up an initial idea of what you think. The goal is that you can complete these in less than 5 minutes, yet still help us to answer key questions.

This will mean that, when the Governing Board meets in December to launch formally the process of developing a new Strategy, it can already draw on your views. At that meeting, the Board will agree on how we will go forwards in 2024, and crucially, how we can best make sure that the voices of all our members and volunteers are heard and reflected.

So please do look out for the following:

  • 25 October to 3 November – Why an IFLA Strategy? – RESULTS
  • 3 November to 13 November – Your experiences of engaging with the 2019-2024 Strategy – RESULTS
  • 13 November to 23 November – Looking back on the Global Vision Highlights and Opportunities – RESULTS
  • 23 November to 3 December – What IFLA do you want to see in 2029? – RESULTS

We’re looking forward to hearing your views!