Trend 3: the boundaries of privacy and data protection will be redefined

The IFLA Trend Report, being launched on Monday morning 19 August in Singapore during the World Library & Information Congress, (Session 93: Plenary session), looks closely at changes to the boundaries of privacy and data protection in the evolving information environment.

We’re going to be giving you a sneak peek at some of the high level trends identified by our experts in the countdown to launch date. The IFLA Trend Report explores five high level trends, mapping likely developments in the information economy and identifying collisions between trends and possible impacts on the services provided by libraries.

IFLA members will be able to sign up to the comprehensive web platform to explore the Trend Report in full from launch date. Details regarding how you can sign up will be made available on Monday 19 August.

Trend 3: the boundaries of privacy and data protection will be redefined

Expanding data sets held by governments and companies are supporting the advanced profiling of individuals, while sophisticated methods of monitoring and filtering communications data makes tracking those individuals cheaper and easier. What are the resulting impacts on privacy, and protection of our personal information? Who’s profiting from your personal information? Does your government know more about you than you do? Who’s to be trusted more: your government or your search engine? Or neither?

About the IFLA Trend Report

In December 2011 the IFLA Governing Board set up a Steering Committee to commission a major Trend Report modelling the evolving digital information environment. The IFLA Trend Report is the result of twelve months’ consultation with experts and stakeholders from a range of disciplines to explore and discuss emerging trends in the information environment, before turning the discussion over to libraries.

Launch is less than a week away! IFLA members, be prepared!

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