IFLA’s Library Buildings and Equipment Section (LBES) has embarked on a new initiative designed to showcase inspiring library buildings and innovative technology to the library field and beyond.

The Unit’s background

The Library Buildings and Equipment Section comprises librarians and architects with a passion for library design and technology. The group aims to share information about library buildings and equipment to enhance knowledge within the profession and promote excellence in library design.

The image initiative

The image initiative was articulated in the Section’s Action Plan for 2019-20 in support of the IFLA Strategy and specifically the IFLA Strategic Direction 2 to “Inspire and enhance professional practice”. In particular, this initiative will deliver on 2.1 “Produce, communicate and distribute key resources and materials that inspire the profession.”


The project aims to showcase a variety of libraries, large and small, in all parts of the world, including both lesser-known and high-profile libraries. In addition to featuring new library buildings, the project will also highlight re-purposed buildings and refurbishments.

The Instagram account

IFLA LBES new Insta account

Due to the visual nature of this initiative, the section has chosen Instagram as the preferred channel to promote inspiring libraries and support them in their effort to reach a global audience. A new Instagram account has been set up, with the handle ifla_lbes_inspiringlibraries. The project was launched with its first post at the end of September 2020 and quickly gained interest around the library world with over 100 followers in the first two days!

The first post featured Oodi Library in Helsinki, Finland – winner of the prestigious IFLA/Systematic Public Library of the Year Award 2019. Posts are intentionally selected to move around the world, showcasing different kinds of libraries. As the project moves forward, followers can expect to be inspired by amazing library architecture, leading-edge technology and design excellence that will generate new ways of thinking about library spaces.

Oodi Library in Helsinki, Finland

Concordia University’s R. Howard Webster Library

Does your library have a cool design and are you eager to be featured at LBES insta? 

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