The latest IFLA Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section’s newsletter has been published. Download the newsletter (PDF) here to read:

  • Message from the Chair by Lan Gao
  • IFLA WLIC 2020 Program on Wellness and Workplace Morale by Raymond Pun
  • The Transparent Translator by Catharina Boss
  • World Library – A Nordic project about digital materials for linguistic minorities by Marit Vestlie
  • Time Travelling from Eltham LibraryPlus
  • Libraries as Intercultural Learning Spaces: Setting up an e-Learning Platform for Minor Refugees in Public Libraries by Dr Filiz┬áKeser Aschenberger
  • A Textbook Pilgramage: In support of Mexicans living in the United States by Anne C. Barnhart

The Section thanks Pam Ryan and her team at Toronto Public Library for preparing this issue of the newsletter, and all of our contributors.