Good news for those who have not had the chance to bid on our calls last time. Our RFP on contract override has been renewed! The deadline for submitting your proposal is 3 June 2022.

Knowledge Rights 21 (KR21) is working on making copyright reform happen. We are working on building a stronger basis of evidence and skills, both for advocacy around copyright-related issues, and a reference for libraries in their own decision-making on the topic.

Description of the assignment

Deliver a report exploring the scope and recent evolution of contract override provisions in copyright laws in recent years, the resulting provisions across Europe (including the arguments and evidence used to persuade countries), as well as evidence of their use and challenges in their application.

It should also explore evidence around the challenges to enjoyment of copyright exceptions created by technological protection measures, the options open for removal or circumvention, and their effectiveness (in particular where new opportunities for removal/circumvention have been created). This should draw on desk research, interviews with relevant people, and quantitative evaluation of contracts.

Read more on the Knowledge Rights 21 website, including a link to download the call for proposals.