Use the next 24 hours well; IFLA’s future is in your hands.

In just over 24 hours, the period for nominating candidates for IFLA’s different committees – our Governing Board, Professional and Regional Councils, Division Committees, Section Standing Committees, Advisory Committees, Special Interest Groups and Review Groups – will close.

Our Members, Affiliates and members of our Professional Section Standing Committees have the right to nominate great candidates, who, through their energy and expertise, will drive forwards the work of our Federation. By using this right, they also give colleagues the opportunity to join IFLA’s vibrant volunteer community, and help us achieve the strongest, most diverse slate of candidates ever for an IFLA election.

If you have not yet completed the process – either as a nominator or a nominee – make sure you do so by 12pm CEST tomorrow (13 April 2021). You can find further information on our nominations and elections webpage, and direct any question you have to [email protected]
We are IFLA!

Kind regards,

Gerald Leitner
Secretary General
The Hague, Netherlands
12 April 2021