As we move forward to the last phase of IFLA’s Internet Manifesto revision process, we would like to invite you to add your comments and suggestions via this new collaborative document:

Internet Manifesto revision 2024

Your opinion and comments are important as we aim to have a final document that accurately reflects the vision of the global library and information field in this context, that helps us draw a pathway to operationalize our existing positions and that reiterates to other internet stakeholders why libraries should be seen as allies in internet governance discussions.

We also invite you to join one of our last online sessions to exchange together and gather additional input, not just on the document but also on the the most relevant trends, issues, practices and challenges within your own context.

Please register via the links below:

Open Consultation session I – March 14, 15:30-17:00h CET (UTC+1)
Open Consultation session II – March 19, 11:30, 13:00h CET (UTC+1)

Keep in mind that:
  • This document will be the final structure of the manifesto, it is an open working document so you are welcome to share it with your peers and add your comments or suggestions.
  • Please read carefully the instructions located on the first page of the document.
    The document that will be opened via the link is only open for comments (to avoid loss of content) but all the links included in the upper box belong to documents that are open for direct edits. These include the thematic annexes and an identical copy of what will be the final product.
  • Remember that the main manifesto should be a brief document (clear, concise and easy to cite). If your comments are more content-oriented, please feel free to dive deeper into each topic via each of the thematic annexes.
  • The online sessions have an introductory component. This means that the first part of the session is intended to be an overview of the manifesto and its purpose for the people who are not familiar with it.
    If you already know the manifesto and its objectives please bear this in mind and provide your comments during the second part of the session or feel free to add them directly in the document as indicated via the link above.
  • The deadline to provide your comments is April 3, 2024.
Thematic sessions

Would you like to host or receive our support to organize a thematic session during the months of June-September 2024?.
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