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IFLA Public Library Section Online Mid-Term Seminars


Here’s your chance to examine how public libraries worldwide deliver healthier outcomes for their communities.  Join IFLA’s Public Library Section for our online mid-term seminar “Libraries: Places That Care For People.”


Photo by Towfiqu Barbhuiya,

On the 4th May our session will focus on Public Libraries role in reducing loneliness and social isolation.  This session will be in Spanish.

On the 5th May we will explore the role of libraries in delivering on health and wellbeing initiatives in their communities with speakers from Japan, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. 

Our second panel for the day will focus on research from the US on Library staff trauma during Covid.  Both these panels will be in English.

And our final session on May 6th will focus on social inclusion and the role libraries play and this panel with be in Portuguese. 

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Looking forward to seeing you there.

Booking details:

4th May: Public Libraries role in reducing loneliness and social isolation.  

5th May: Role of Libraries in Delivering Health and Wellbeing Initiatives

5th May: Public Libraries and Staff Trauma 






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