EU and Bulgarian FlagsLibraries and the Bulgarian EU Presidency share the same goals – a stronger, more cohesive Europe, built on creativity, innovation and inclusion. Every day, libraries across the continent are working to give their users access to the information they need to learn and develop, the skills they need to get the best out of the Internet, and a connection to a rich cultural heritage.

In an open letter to the Bulgarian government, which has recently taken over the rotating presidency of the European Union’s Council of Ministers, IFLA Secretary General Gerald Leitner underlined how libraries build social cohesion, realise the potential of digital, and promote culture for all. The Presidency’s motto – United We Stand Strong – is apt for a library community that works together to build a fairer and more prosperous Europe.

The letter highlights the opportunities the European Union has to improve the situation for libraries – by ensuring our institutions are reflected in future budget planning, by passing modern copyright reforms, by helping libraries access funding for promoting Wi-Fi connectivity, and by placing them at the heard of efforts to build a Europe of culture and education.

IFLA’s partner organisations, EBLIDA and Public Libraries 2020, have also signed onto the letter.

Download the letter as a PDF.