We proudly present the November 2023 Issue of the LSN Newsletter.

The current issue focuses on the 2023 WLIC in The Hague. From the TOC:

1. Editorial
2. WLIC 2023 Highlights
2.1 LSN Business Meeting
2.2 LSN Session: How Can We Make Libraries Accessible and Welcoming
for Everyone?
2.3 Prison Libraries at IFLA WLIC in Rotterdam
2.4 The Best Visual Impact Award for the poster “Voices behind words”
3. News from LSN Members: Get Inspired!
3.1 Library Services to Persons with ADHD
3.2 Kindle Early Language Learning in Sudan Recipient of a RUSA 2023
Best Emerging Technology Application Award
3.3 Design Thinking Approach for Re-imaging University library Services
4. Presentation of the New Section Members
5. Colophon and Contact

The newsletter can be found at:  LSN_Newsletter_2023_November.pdf

We hope you will enjoy our newsletter!