Through its projects and initiatives, the IFLA Literacy and Reading (LITREAD) section has been focusing on the transformative nature of reading and literacy.  The committee has focused on sharing examples of programming that centred on promoting hope, resiliency and well-being from around the globe, including presentations focused on integrating music into reading programs, “library-in-a-box” outreach services to the elderly and homebound and promoting affirmational mindfulness with passive and active programming in the library.

In Dublin at WLIC 2022, a shared reading experience was hosted for attendees prior to the Section’s program. In Rotterdam at WLIC 2023, the LITREAD standing committee continued this positive trajectory on transformative programming with an emphasis on outreach in the community. Presentations centred on the theme of “Let’s Read Together: Growing Communities Through Literacy and Reading. Kees Broekhof started the session with an overview of literacy programming in school libraries in the Netherlands, presentations from around the globe continued with a summary of research on reading and literacy of incarcerated readers in Chile, community initiatives in New Zealand and concluded with an animated description of professional storytelling in Scandinavia. A book exchange among the audience participants was an opportunity for discussion and was an excellent conclusion to an inspiring session.

The Literacy and Reading standing committee is diligently at work developing a series of informative blogs that provide further reading and research literacy and reading. These blogs will include aligned bibliographies to introduce a vetted, collated set of resources from an international perspective.

Author Meghan Harper, Information Coordinator IFLA Literacy and Reading Section