The CPDWL team have developed a series of posters to communicate the importance of CPD – and that everyone in our profession needs to play a part.


The poster focuses on the IFLA Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development: Principles and Best Practices.


We all know that the future of the LIS sector depends on ensuring that our high quality professionals have the knowledge and expertise to design and deliver information services which meet the current and future needs of their communities. Our poster articulates the importance of CPD for all stakeholders: individual learners, employers, professional associations, LIS educators and training providers. It argues that to be a five-star profession, all players must commit to the principles of best practice in CPD and work together to create and support opportunities for ongoing learning and development.


The poster not only aims to increase awareness of the value of CPD in general and of the IFLA Guidelines for CPD resources in particular, but also to promote the work of the IFLA Section for CPDWL. It is designed to be displayed in libraries, information centres and training environments across the world.  We have translations prepared in all the IFLA official languages – plus quite a few others! The CPDWL community has worked together to create the posters in English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian – and of course Polish!


If you are at IFLA, please visit the poster displays 179/180 to see the posters in all the different languages.  The posters are on the IFLA CPDWL website []


The Creative Commons licence allows for translation into other languages as well. If you are interested in translating your poster into your own language, please contact Gill Hallam [email protected] to get a copy of the master file.