Marketing on a Shoestring

Libraries of all types are challenged to stretch limited resources to respond to diverse customer group wants and needs. Enthusiastic library users are calling on libraries to provide popular services such as e-books, government information and Internet access. Libraries serve as the premiere providers of lifelong learning resources and as repositories for society’s knowledge bank. These growing and disparate roles require increased financial support from funders and other key stakeholders. Strategic marketing planning is critical if today’s library staff are to maintain services and resources, as well as to effectively communicate funding needs. In this changing environment, budgets for marketing the library are minimal or non-existent.

Yet sometimes good partners, ideas, strategy and support have more impact than even an increase in funding. “Marketing on a Shoestring: A Lightning Round of Ideas” will “spark” creativity by offering illustrative case studies and points of view for successful marketing strategies that are not costly, but will gain recognition and resources.

Congress track 4: Tools and techniques.

18 August 2013 13:45 – 15:45 | Room: Nicoll 3