Hello Friends,

Libraries around the world are still affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has been the catalyst for change. Many libraries have strengthened their capacity of digital libraries and extended e-Lending, allowed access to online resources and conducted virtual programs to users. Libraries are challenged on how best to operate without compromising the safety of library users and staff when they re-open. You can read more on how the libraries have reacted and what will be the future of libraries from the articles about the Leaders’ Conversations on Libraries in the Post-COVID world.

The Leaders Conversations is a new digital platform for leaders in the region & beyond to share insights on major developments of the library world. It is organised by the IFLA Regional Office for Asia & Oceania, hosted by the National Library Board Singapore. It is organised in support of the IFLA Global Vision to create strong and united library fields. The first series touches on the theme on Libraries in the Post COVID-19 world. Leaders from the national, public libraries and academic libraries in the Asia and Oceania region shared the impact and future of the libraries in the Post COVID world. They also shared their views on interesting topics like: “Would Libraries get bigger or smaller and why?” and “What Libraries would want to stop, continue and start?

In this issue, we also share about the IFLA Governance Review. It is a major delivery of the IFLA’s strategy and it highlights our next steps of the Development Roadmap. This is to ensure that we have the structures needed to make a reality of our goals and values.

We would also like to congratulate the Foshan Library (China) for being the first-place winner of the coveted IFLA Press Reader International Marketing Award for 2020. The Award honors organizations which implement creative, results-oriented marketing projects and campaign.

Congratulations too to the Indonesian Library Association for its 47th Anniversary. It has officially announced its Anniversary day as Indonesian Librarians Day. Do enjoy the articles in this issue and please stay safe and take care everyone.


Ms Soh Lin Li

Manager for IFLA Regional Office for Asia and Oceania