The Cataloguing Section’s Names of Persons project webpage has a new file from Malaysia. This file updates the existing 1996 file, capturing all the country’s rich language landscape. The document is subdivided into seven parts for Malay, Indian (Tamil language), Chinese, Iban, Kadazandusun, Portuguese (Kristang language) and for Indigenous names. each of these subsections contains information about the elements, structure and its order in catalogue entries of the corresponding names.

The Section wants to thanks the work of the Sub-Committee on the Revision of Rules for Malay Names, National Committee on Cataloguing and Classification, National Library of Malaysia and especially Azura Ahmad Siam,  Anisatul Wahidah Abdul Wahid, Ruzilah Ehsan, Habirah Mohamad, and  Rasmaini Salehhudin for compiling such a complete and useful work for all the cataloguing and authority world community.