IFLA is happy to share a new way for retired professionals—or those in between jobs—to join or continue as IFLA affiliates at a special rate. The category of Non-Salaried Affiliate is open for individuals who are not currently in paid employment and do not expect to be within the next three months. Non-Salaried Affiliates is set in the group of Individual Affiliates within IFLA Membership. The 2012 fee for this category is EUR 59.

Non-salaried Affiliates will have free membership registration with one Section of their choice and where applicable with the Regional Section. As all Affiliates they will have no voting rights. Non-Salaried Affiliates will have all other member services and entitlements that are applicable to Affiliation membership. Individuals joining in this category or changing over to it will have to confirm that they meet the qualifications and agree to inform IFLA as soon as this status changes.

We are encouraging interested individuals to get in touch with us. Please contact the Membership Officer at IFLA Headquarters if you have any further questions.